Astral Knock Out is an online multiplayer fighting and platform game that is set in an environment that mixes outer space and fantasy. A game consists of 1vs1 fights between warriors from different planets formed in the different arts of the ranged combat that fight for defeating their opponent and becoming the champion.



  • W/↑/Spacebar: jump. Double jump if pressed twice.
  • A-D/←→: movement.
  • S/↓: quick fall.
  • O: shoot.


  • Joystick: Movement sideways and quickfall.
  • Jump button.
  • Skill button shoot.

Astral Knock Out (2020) by Lightning Opal:

  • Mario Belén.
  • Sergio Cruz.
  • Mireya Funke.
  • Samuel Ríos.
  • Enrique Sánchez.



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Mine always says server connection failed after a black screen..

Hi! We're sorry to read that. Could you please give us detailed information about your problem?


Such a cool game with awesome graphics :D !!!

Thank you! <3

(1 edit) (+2)

The menu design is excellent, the gameplay is fun and the design of its two levels is, although simple, suitable to have a good experience with friends. A quite professional overall result! 

P.S. Buff the wizard

(1 edit)

Thank you! We worked so hard on it and feels great to have it recognized.

See you in the tournament!

P.S. Maybe next patch :)